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We do well only if you do well

This quote pretty much summarizes what BLOOM’s goal is – providing the environment for members to bloom and flourish. When BLOOM’s members succeed, we do too. So we are on the same boat and BLOOM will be responsible for your workspace, community and connections, and all the resources we can put in to help.


BLOOM and Jumpstart

BLOOM is a new co-working space brand developed and managed by Jumpstart. Jumpstart is a provider of world-class serviced offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. After years of providing quality services, Jumpstart has accumulated over 15000 active members. With new and trendy sharing-economy on the rise, Jumpstart is using the new brand BLOOM to address the strong market demand for co-working space.

Mimicking nature

What works in nature, works with us

When a flower blooms, it pollinates and reproduces to make many more flowers. We are the same! BLOOM@TST is the origin and we are striving to bloom across Hong Kong, then across the region, and maybe the world.

If you like what we do, you can be part of the future BLOOM network by partnering with us, investing in us or grow together in any way you can think of.


“We founded JUMPSTART many years ago to help startups like ourselves to pay less rent, reduce their commitment and provide more flexibility, hence, the name JUMPSTART. Now, we are doing it all over again with new ways of how startups are run. I am looking forward to exchange stories with our BLOOM members.”