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October 2018



YEECHOO is Asia’s premier designer dress rental destination. At only a fraction of the retail price, you get to wear the latest season, just off-the-runway designer dresses for all your special occasions.  YEECHOO is offering BLOOM co-working space members 12% OFF. Get in touch with your community leader to get your discount code.

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September 2018

Don’t follow, create your own way!


A thousand thanks to our guest speaker, Wu Kwok Wai, Founder of property channel 胡國威 - 胡•說樓市 and previously news anchor at iCable news. An insightful evening at BLOOM co-working space especially for those who are in media and startups. Don't miss out on other wonderful events like this one, remember to follow our facebook page [...]

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Another Pop Up Store


Once again, BLOOM co-working space is hosting a pop-up store. This time around, we have She Matters showcasing their natural cosmetics and skin care products Europe and America. She Matters is founded by 3 young, energetic ladies and they believe every single woman deserves the best skin-care product which may not necessarily be the ones [...]

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August 2018

Foodie meetup: Fruit Tea


What is the best thing to do on a hot summer Friday afternoon? A bunch of people seems to know the answer! That's right, they came to BLOOM co-working space to mix some unbelievably good-looking and yummy fruit tea. We've got strawberries, grapefruits, limes, lemons, oranges, red apples, green apples, jasmine tea, black tea and [...]

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Flow is the ultimate solution for urgent room booking during the day. Need a rest for a couple hours? Flow now! BLOOM co-working members can get $100 off for the first booking. Ask any of our community leader for the promo code.

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July 2018

She Matters


10% off and free shipping for all BLOOM full-time, part-time hotdesk and studio members.

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June 2018

VIA x BLOOM Pitch Day


BLOOM co-working space partners with Venture Investor Alliance (VIA) for an afternoon of pitching from four teams of very different backgrounds. The judging panel led by Miss Nisa Leung together with members from BLOOM are inspired by the enthusiasm and innovations presented by the team. Freehunter - the platform for users to find freelancers has [...]

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Create and Yay


Free 60 min Marketing Consultation Topics include: How to engage your target customer / audience with your own brand story How to grow your business with creativity How to create marketing content in a creative way

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Meeting room booking 50% off Virtual Office discounts 25% off For each Company Incorporation Service , free set of Significant Controllers Register worth ($300)

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