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#girlbosshk is a campaign initiated by BLOOM co-working space to encourage and help female entrepreneurs in Hong Kong to fellow their dream and achieve their goals. BLOOM will be hosting events and providing resources as well as creating a female entrepreneurs community to share and support each other.

#girlbosshk Episode 4

Xania Wong’s never gives up attitude is key to success. It is easier said than done. Can you do it?


#girlboss Episode 3 – Juliette Gimenez

Juliette Gimenez is the founder of GOXIP, a fashion and beauty app that lets discover fashion by snapping any pics. Her advice to other female entrepreneurs: It’s building rather than taking and fitting in.


#girlbosshk Episode 2 – Laura Cozijnsen

Laura Cozijnsen is the Founder and Chief Consultant of Lighthouse Consultant Ltd. Lighthouse is a marketing communications campaign powerhouse. Her advice for you: Do what you are good at, and work hard on it.

#girlbosshk Episode 1 – Erica Yuen

Erica Yuen, founder of Mi Ming Mart, a skin-care retail shop with 9 stores across Hong Kong and turnover already over 100 million. Here’s her motto for starting your own business – “Don’t be a copy cat, be a pioneer”.

Girlbosshk Preview – female entrepreneurs in Hong Kong

A preview of a series of videos showcasing 4 successful female entrepreneurs from 4 very different businesses. They are going to share how they have went through different stages of their company and how they think female entrepreneurs can succeed in Hong Kong. Stay tuned for full episode 1 to 4!

Special thanks to Erica Yuen of Mi Ming Mart, Laura Cozijnsen of Lighthouse Consultant Limited, Juliette Gimenez of Goxip and Xenia Wong of JobDoh