Meet the founders series #4: Y-combinator

//Meet the founders series #4: Y-combinator

Meet the founders series #4: Y-combinator

BLOOM co-working space’s Meet the Founder Series has come to the 4th event. This time, we have invited TeamNote CEO, Roy Law and Branch8 co-founder Matt Li, both graduate of the Y Combinator program, to share their experience for applying to Y combinator. Y Combinator selects 2 batches of startups every year. The few selected startups will receive seed money, advice, and connections in exchange for a small equity. The program will have startup founders meet individually and in groups with Y Combinator partners for advice. Founders also participate in weekly dinners where guests from the Silicon Valley ecosystem (successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, etc.) speak to the founders. Y Combinator had invested in ~1,450 companies including Dropbox and Airbnb.

As you can imagine, Y Combinator is the holy grail for any startups. So it was a fruitful night for Roy and Matt to share and teach members and friends BLOOM co-working space. We thank again Roy and Matt for giving their advice and answering endless questions from the audience and we hope some of BLOOM co-working space’s member can be selected by Y Combinator in the near future. Go BLOOMERS!


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